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Viant’s Journey: The Non-Engineer Guide to BigQuery (Cloud Next '19)
As a Google BigQuery early adopter, Viant would like to share their journey and lessons learned. Viant has been able to expand Google BigQuery with a unique capability to orchestrate and schedule multiple queries, scripts, APIs, and exports in one systematic process. This session guides non-engineer audiences on how to easily manage and query their existing Google BigQuery data to become self-sufficient.

Two powerful efficiency-focused self-service data tools The Magnus workflow automator and Goliath data explorer are tools designed for non-engineers to help businesses make the most of their existing data and confidently make informed strategy decisions.

In this video I will demonstrate how to: - Create a workflow - Add a task to a workflow - Use the BigQuery Task - Validate a BigQuery Task query - Set a destination table for BigQuery Task - Set write options for a destination table - Save a workflow

In the previous video, we learned how to create a simple Magnus workflow. Now, let’s add some parameters to increase workflow usability.

In the previous videos we learned how to create and parametrize a simple workflow. Now, let’s schedule a workflow and send results as an email

In the previous video, we learned how to create and schedule simple workflows that can generate a report from data in BigQuery and send it via email. Now, let’s see how we can extract data from BigQuery to Cloud Storage and send file as an attachment via email

Let’s see how we can use Loop Task to generate and send individual reports for each subscriber type.

In the previous video, we created a workflow that generates and sends separate reports for each subscriber type. In this video, we will send a report as an attachment or included in the email body depending on subscriber type. To accomplish this we will use the 'Go-To Task'

Let me demonstrate extended set of features that Goliath provides for BigQuery users to help increase productivity and efficiency.

BigQuery GIS with Goliath - part 1

BigQuery GIS with Goliath - part 2

BigQuery GIS with Goliath - part 3